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Fix: The Cycle Frontier Stuttering, Lags, or Freezing constantly

YAGER recently launched a free-to-play first person shooter game called “The Cycle: Frontier” – I am going to give my personal review of the game as I haven’t had much chance to play the game due to stupid errors the game has. It took me some time to figure out. Personally, this game looks interesting to me as I am a fan of “Escape for Tarkov” – While Escape from Tarkov being the hyper realistic shooter, this game has a different vibe – “Futuristic Vibe”.

You can get the gist of game by going to Youtube or checking out their official website. Since, its Free to play – the only thing you would get wasting is trying to run or play the game, maybe this might not happen to everyone but it did to me and man I took two days to make the game up and running again.

Here is what happened to me:

Initially, I installed and got to play 5 games and was hooked with looting and shooting the aliens, but the second day when I tried to play again – my game would not run.

What was the issue ?

When I ran the game, all I saw was black screen with mouse cursor and lobby sound but nothing showed up on my screen. I “Alt + tabbed” but nothing happened then, I finally decided to research the issue on Google and I did found some articles but none were helpful at all.

What the articles said about the fix ?

Some useless crap which did not make sense – although I tried those but never succeeded. So, what did I try then ?

  1. Run game as administrator – WTF to this. This did show me the character but my game froze with sound on the background. I had some ray of hope but this is useless. Don’t ty !!!
  2. Update graphics driver ? Duh ! This is the first thing to do, everyone should know this but mine was already up-to-date for my RTX-2060
  3. Set high priority on task manager – Please don’t do this, this is useless and can stress your CPU, I never tried this.
  4. Verify game integrity on steam ( as I am using steam ) – Try this for you as well, for me everything was fine as I or my system never altered any files.
  5. Disable anti-virus for the game ( no outcomes here also )

Remove Settings files

So, I had a headache trying all the above but none worked and finally today, I again gave the game a try – but it was the same thing so, I kind of thought maybe this might be because of the graphics settings I had saved before ? Since, this game has a lot of issues on launch, this might be the problem I thought and so I searched where the Cycle: Frontier settings file were being stored. So, I found where the game files were being stored and just removed them.

Search below location on your search bar

For windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Prospect\

Delete the folder “Prospect” and the game should run fine for you.

However, please note: doing so will delete your settings and all but not the game data. So, you don’t need to worry about the loots and stuff.

Bottom line, if you are having the same issues as me – like black screen, stuttering etc then try doing this as an alternative fix for everything else that you have tried. Who knows, this might be the fix that you were looking for.

Happy Hunting !!

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