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Flash Samsung: Stock/Official ROM via Odin

This tutorial will teach you on How to flash Samsung Stock/Official ROM via Odin.

Warning: You shouldn’t attempt to do any of these before being well-informed and having backups, as it can result in data loss or soft bricking your phone in the worst scenario, but are usually harmless when done right. I will not be responsible if it happens so.

What you will need:

  1. Odin Software Installed
  2. Samsung USB Driver/KIES
  3. Stock Rom according to your mobile model number

Links for Downloading Softwares:

Samsung Kies
Official Samsung USB Driver
ODIN Flash Tool ( Download Latest )
Firmware/StockRom –

What does flashing a cell phone mean?

The term flashing means usually, overwriting your phone’s partitions with an image you may have downloaded elsewhere. It can mean installing many other things, such as installing another OS different than original. This term can be related to formatting the computer with new fresh Windows, Linux or a Hackintosh environment.

Technically, it means installing a custom recovery ( such as teamWin – TWRP or ClockWorkMod ) that allows you to install flash files which is not related different from stock android after rooting the phone. The term “Root” is an essential term which means gaining super user permission over the phone which will allow users to access core files from the phone. For instance, you’ll be able to manually uninstall applications that come pre-installed with your phone, use a tool like like Nandroid Backup to perform a full backup of your phone, and many others. Remove bloat-wares for example in Samsung phones.

Installing a custom operating system (such as Cyanogen instead of Stock Android) in order to obtain a customized experience, get rid of bloatware or any other reason. Usually done after rooting and installing a custom recovery. However, flashing back to stock firmware, in other words, make it like it was when you bought it first.

Flash Samsung: See how to flash your phone via Odin

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