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Joining Meetings in Zoom directly from Browser

Join Zoom Meetings directly from Browser for your WordPress site is now possible. I have just released a new update version tagged 3.2.0 which allows your users to join meetings directly from your website without needing to download Zoom App. Please note: This is still in Testing phase for the plugin. So, let me know if there are any issues with this.

Install Video Conferencing with Zoom WordPress plugin

How does this work ?

If you have used Integration with Zoom Meetings for WordPress  before then you already know that to join meetings you would need to download Zoom App or Goto their website to Join. This feature from it allows you to join without needing to redirect to Zoom Website or zoom app. In General, you can directly join from browser.

In above screenshot you will see an option to Join via Web Browser option which would allow your users to join via web browser. Check below on what you will see after joining.

This above screenshot is the example of joining a meeting directly from your browser.

Turn off when not needed

You can disable join via browser link by selecting a checkbox in your meetings page when you create a certain meeting.

Browser Compatibility

This list is directly fetched from Zoom side.

Feature Chrome firefox Safari Edge IE >=11 Opera Vivaldi Edge(Chromium)
Video yes yes yes yes no yes yes yes
Computer Audio yes only linux no no no no yes yes
View Sharing yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Screen Sharing >=72 >=66 no >=17 no no yes yes
Chat yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Check WooCommerce Integration if you need to Integrate Zoom Meetings into WooCommerce. This wraps up for the changes in version 3.2.0