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Travelling to Nepal: One wish to include in your bucket list

For those having the wish to take adventures, explore, see multiple cultures and many more to be unseen which cannot be explained. Then, one must include travelling Nepal in their bucket list.

Why Nepal?

Simply one word….. i.e. beautiful!

Nepal is popularly known as the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha and for the highest peak on the earth Mount Everest. It is a mountainous country except for green plain of lowland Terai and temperate fertile valley spread across the middle of this rectangular country. It is one of the small but richest countries in the world in term of biodiversity due to its unique geographical position and altitude variation.

nepal2Nepal with great diversities can please all tourists with their individual cravings for thrilling mountain expedition, trekking and jungle safari with world’s largest variety of birds, highly turbulent revering adventures and fascinating romance. For instance, panoramic flight scene, taste of uniquely rich diverse culture, geographical miracles bewitching lakes, national parks and hunting reserves, Buddhist monasteries and exceptional natural beauties. Moreover, indigenous knowledge, skills and practices, cast, ethnicity, custom and social values are other attractions for the social and anthropological studies in Nepal. It is one of the world’s best place which offers a breath-taking experience of nature and ever-present mountain scenery, including Everest, the world’s highest peak. Moreover, it is also a place to explore as religious, culture and natural resources.

Nepal is once a mysterious kingdom cut off from the world and it has an incredibly rich cultural heritage, both built and living. This includes fascinating historic living cities, overflowing with monuments some of which are of great antiquity. It has many styles of traditional settlement, all set against some of the world’s most dramatic mountain scenery. Festivals, often dating from pre-history, still flourish and are filled with vitality and color. Nepal’s flora and Everest-and-the-Himalayan-Range-from-Kalapatthar-Nepalfauna are truly amazing, both in terms of their variety and, in some cases, their rarity.

Because of the presence of fine blend of art, culture and tradition along with natural beauty, with varieties of beauty and pleasure to offer, Nepal has a great potential to attract all types of tourist from all over the world. It offers tourists a breath-taking experience of nature and ever-present mountain scenery, including Everest, the world’s highest peak. The country is blessed by a pleasant year-round climate, affording eye-catching mountain views for around the year. In addition to this, country is peopled by a reliably friendly population who are generally happy to share their intrinsic hospitality as well as their customs and traditions with visitors.